As you head outside to enjoy these beautiful summer months, Home Properties would like to offer a reminder about the common area guidelines in your apartment community. “Common areas” are any areas shared with your neighbors, including the pool, clubhouse, and playground.

To ensure a friendly community where every space is valued and respected by our residents, please remember the following:

- Be sure to check this website for your community’s common area hours of operation.
- Residents, their family members, and guests should conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb any neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of this community. Noise, odors, or any other action which causes unreasonable disturbance to other residents or interferes with their rights, comforts, or convenience are not permitted.
- Please do not throw ANY items from balconies or windows.
- Use the community’s trash bins to dispose of any litter or debris.
- Net games, playing ball, Frisbees, etc…, are limited to large grassy areas away from buildings and parking lots.
- Common areas, sidewalks, entrances, lobbies, hallways, elevators, or stairways should only be used for entry and exit! No storage of any items is permitted in these common areas.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. It’s your willingness to observe these guidelines that makes our community such a great place to live!