Utility Billing


There are two options for your monthly utility billing:

Option 1:  You can choose to pay the amount due each month. This amount will vary from month to month, depending on overall usage and pricing.

Option 2:  If you prefer to have equal and predictable bills each month, you can select our "Equal Payment Plan" (EPP) option*. Your monthly bill will be determined based on the average expected cost for your apartment type, spread over a 12-month lease term.

If you choose this option, your account balance will be "trued up" each September and, upon move out, in your final bill, to bring your balance to zero. Credit balances will be refunded at this time, and any outstanding balance will be due in full. Periodic reviews/adjustments may occur, as well.

The monthly EPP billing statement will show:

  • The actual charges for that billing period**
  • The equal payment amount due
  • The total amount due in order to bring the account to a zero balance

This information is provided each month so that you can accurately track your account balance.

* EPP option may not be available at all communities.
** Your monthly bill reflects cost and usage from a previous period, to allow time for processing of master utility bill.


YES Energy Management is a third-party vendor that Home Properties has partnered with to manage utility billing. You will receive your bills directly from YES Energy Management.

YES Energy Management Resident Relations:

  • Toll-free phone: 1-844-898-2354
  • Hours of operation: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern Time.
  • Payment mailing address for checks: Contact your community's leasing office.

You may call YES Energy Management Resident Relations for assistance with the following:

  • Billing method explanation
  • Payment information
  • EPP (Budget billing) definition

You can visit YES Energy Management online for assistance with the following:

  • View your account history
  • Reprint your last bill

Please contact your community office for assistance with the following:

  • Change the name, occupant count, or date of move in, move out, or on-site transfer
  • To sign up for or be removed from the Equal Payment Plan (EPP) option
  • To report a leak